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Commercial Let Property Insurance - Empty Building Insurance

Industrial Let Property Insurance - Multi Tenure Property Insurance

Commercial Let Property Insurance

If you own a single Commercial Let Property, or have a Portfolio of Commercial Let Units it is important to have the right Insurance cover, We at Crown Insurance have many years experience arranging Commercial Property Insurance for all types of Commercial Let Property. Whether the Buildings are a Large Commercial Unit, Multi Tenure Property, Industrial, Retail or Office Building.

Insurance for Converted Industrial, Warehouse, Refurbished Hotel or Pub Building are especially an unattractive property to some Insurers. Also finding suitable cover for an Unoccupied Commercial Property, can have its challenges. We have negotiated with our Underwriters to offer the best possible cover possible for these types of risks. To help us help you find the right cover with a Competitive Premium, please go to the Quote Now Button for an Empty Building Insurance quotation and complete our simple online form.

Occupied Commercial Let Property Insurance


Please complete details of your Commercial Let Property to be insured. One of our experienced Underwriters will contact you and discuss the options open to you. Alternatively, try our instant quote engine to the right for an indicative premium for a Small Commercial or Retail Property Insurance


Empty Building Insurance

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For all Commercial Let Property Insurance Tele: 01784 436 262


Insurance Cover for an Empty Property

Unoccupied property insurance from a specialist Insurer properties which may be left vacant for 30 days or more. Normally the Insurance is for a 12 month period but can be cancelled after a 6 month period if no claim has been made so you are only paying for what you need.

Key features of unoccupied Property insurance
  • Instant cover available over the phone (please note due to legal reasons, if you are the main executor of the unoccupied property or have power of attorney, you may not be able to purchase over the phone) Quotation or Schedule can be emailed.
  • There are many covers to chose from the Basic Fire & Lightning
  • Protection against vandalism
  • Cover for damage caused by water or subsidence
  • Total value of contents can range from £1,000 to £15,000
  • Property owners liability cover of up to £2 million
  • No single article limit - ideal if you are not sure how much an item is worth

You will benefit from our 20 years of experience as a leading insurance specialist and our professional, friendly staff will help you find the right Empty Building Insurance.

We offer good value insurance; other insurers may be cheaper but lower levels of cover can leave you open to risk. Often insurers won't provide full cover while a property undergoes renovation or refurbishment, whereas in most cases we could offer extensive cover if suitable.

You may find that the property is vacant and requires unoccupied property insurance because:

  • The property is Empty awaiting probate
  • The property is Empty awaiting sale or occupation
  • The property is Empty awaiting or undergoing refurbishment or renovation
  • The property is left Vacant due to being unable to rent
Unoccupied Property awaiting probate

We can arrange insurance cover for Unoccupied properties being dealt with by executors, solicitors and administrators of estates.

We understand that there's a lot to do following the death of a relative or friend which is why we don't ask you to value individual items. Also, we leave you to choose whether you want to insure the total contents for as little as £1,000 or as much as £15,000.

  • The Vacant Property must be in a good state of repair
  • Vacant Properties should not be boarded up and should appear tidy from the outside
  • All Vacant Properties must have window locks and 5-lever mortise deadlocks
  • Major works e.g. extensions, structural repairs. Roofing can be considered for limited perils only
  • Damage caused by contractors (contractors should have their own insurance)
  • The first £250 for all claims, £1,000 for subsidence/heave/landslip claims and £50 for all other claims

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